Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

That’ll be a Cambridge Steak Sir…


I always find the contrast in shops around the country interesting. For various reasons I ended up having lunch in John Lewis in Cambridge Monday. What I found in interesting is the contrast in menu compared to the Oxford Street London store and Cambridge (Cambridge being downmarket of course). Oh and of course the London store having a nice view of Cavendish Square (Cambridge of course having a rooftop full of pigeons doing the toilet).

I had a craving for steak and alas they only had a burger, wasn’t too bad, but didn’t really satisfy the craving for hunks of red meat (must be the cold weather setting in).

Today at lunch I ended up in another place and again wanted steak. Alas, again only burgers. So, go me thinking…

Is a Burger a Steak in Cambridge terms ?

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