Saturday, July 20th, 2024

iPhone and the Killer App…


RedLaser – Price Comparison via Barcodes
For sometime I’ve thought the killer iPhone app would be one where you could be in a shop and use the camera as a barcode scanner to check prices on products. The technology for camera based barcode reading has been around sometime (apps on desktops like Delicious Library already use it).

Well one of my predictions for an iPhone killer app is now here ‘RedLaser’. You fire the application up, guide the camera to the barcode of the product and behold- it looks up on the Internet (sites like Amazon) to find the price !

Totally amazing – used this a lot today just to log things I need to buy for the new place. I hope the authors make a stack of money- they deserve it for such an industry changing application.

My only wonder is who is the first retailer to ban the use of the app ?

myPantone – Colour Capture / Identification
I’ve been thinking of buying a colour identification gadget for sometime, but they are a little on the pricey side (about £300). Today I found that Pantone now do an iPhone app, so I downloaded it. Had a play around- it uses the iPhone camera to capture the colour (trouble is that lighting and the iPhone screen aren’t that calibrated). Still, it’s a fairly good first pass and for the low price you can’t complain. I’m sure as the iPhone’s camera evolves so will the app.

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