Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Hong Kong Wallet Assassination


.. or is that annihilation ?

Writing this on the Virgin flight back to London. A great weekend in Hong Kong, although of course spending far too much money. I don’t know what it is about HK, but you just feel compelled to burn cash on things. I guess it is in part due to the availability of things. Highlights of this trip include:

* Stocking up on Cantonese 1980’s films. I love watching 1980’s Cantonese films as they are very funny in terms of the actions/storyline and also of course the subtitles. I think I’ve pretty much got the entire Hui Brothers collection now.

* Stocking up on music. Actually I rarely buy CDs nowadays (in favour of iTunes) but love browsing in HMV in HK (they have kiosks that let you listen to CDs before you buy which is great).

* Various gadgets. Including some cables I’ve been looking to get for a while, also a new Samsung external hard drive (I have the very small one, this is a medium sized one).

* Books. HK has some great bookshops catering for the British consumer. Some good business history books (one of my favourite pastimes, not really a fiction person !).

I don’t normally sit in bars/restaurants but felt like it this weekend, I guess I needed to have some form of life after the busy past weeks. I was particularly surprised by how much the locals drink. One bar speciailised in Hoegarden and I was very surprised to see lots of young women drinking pints of the stuff (pretty strong, but I guess a nice flavour)- beats a Bacardi Breezer I guess.

All in all a very pleasant time. Has made me realise how much I miss being in Asia..

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