Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Happy people…


Does an environment of ‘happy’ people make you happy ?
On the flight to Hong Kong last night I was in a really good mood. Yes, it might have in part been down to the couple of glasses of wine I had. However, I realised that I had been with some really great people over the course of the week (from Taiwan and Singapore), had a good laugh, and generally was very happy. Nothing to do with drinking (I only had a couple of beers), just being with people who spotted the funny side of things, had funny stories to tell etc.

I always come back from Hong Kong in a really good mood and as I sat having dinner last night (and looking around me) I realised partly why – people there are happy ! Walking around you see people texting things to each other smiling/laughing. Even people walking around seem to be having fun. Contrast this to the UK where everyone looks so bloody miserable all the time !

I realised my personality maybe dictates that I need to spend more time with happy people !

The one time in my life where I wish I could understand Mandarin
As I checked in for the flight last night 2 western businessmen were to the right of me (I was trying to get on an earlier flight so was there for a few minutes as the lady typed lots of stuff into a computer). I don’t know what it is about some people, but they come up with the most pathetic lines sometimes (esp. young women in Asia). Here’s the script:

Checkin lady: Good evening sir
Western guys: Hello
Checking lady: Are you traveling together ?
Western 1: We are, but if you want to come with me instead I’ll leave him behind.

I shook my head. But what was the most funny was the reaction of the staff. A short conversation between my checkin and their checkin people ensued. That was probably the first time in my life where I really wish I spoke Mandarin to understand what they were saying ! Now I can guess it wasn’t “should we upgrade them”, more “move him to seat 95G, the one beside the busy toilet” but I really wish I could understand them.

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