Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Blogging at the bar…


Writing this sitting at the bar on the flight back to London. I like the collection of magazines they have on Virgin flights. GQ (I’d already read that), Sunday Times Traveler (good magazine), Newsweek. Sadly they don’t have any of the political magazines anymore like New Statesman (my favourites), but there is ‘Hello!’.

I was reading in The Economist an article titled ‘Pissed and Posh’ where (like any higher end British publication) they have to have the monthly discussion about class and how badly people live. I do find the bar charts they print amusing. In this case:

* Adults 16-59 reporting ‘Class A’ drug use in the past year based on annual income. No surprise that it is at the lower and higher end (with a dip between £20-30k – presumably because those people like a glass of Black Tower !).

* Adults Drinking Heavily at least once a week by gross weekly income. No surprise here that the more money people earn the more they drink !

* Adults who smoke cigarettes based on managerial status. Most people are at the lower end of the managerial spectrum (presumably because the others are on ‘Class A’ drugs).

* Relative likelihood of pupils aged 11-15 drinking alcohol once a week or smoking regularly by number of books at home ! . What ? This shows that the more books you have at home the less likely you are to drink/smoke. I find this hard to believe, given that there will be a very large amount of port/cigar smokers at the higher end of the spectrum (and that’s just the Encyclopaedia Britannica owners from Romford !!).

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