Friday, April 19th, 2024

Don’t upset the locals


Read this story on BBC online:

where a local woman in Greece decided to torch the genitals of a British tourist. It reminded me an event a few months back in Newcastle, where the latest marketing ploy is to have young women walk around with shot glasses an a bottle of some horrid high-alcohol drink. One of my friends was being a bit of an idiot with one of the girls and so I casually said to her “I’ll buy a shot if you throw it all over him” transaction proceeded and I was expecting her to hand him the glass – not actually throw it over him ! Thankfully he was pretty drunk so didn’t really care – though trying to launder his clothes in the gents was rather amusing (hand drier doesn’t equal tumble drier !).

I just mailed him the above story and told him how fortunate he was !

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