Monday, May 27th, 2024



Where are you? Why do you hide?
Where is that trail of rubbish that leads by your side?
Just like the binraker goes in search of his dream of gold,
I search for rubbish, for something to have and hold,
I’ve seen your trash in a thousand dreams,
Felt your touch and it always seems….

That’s my adaption of ‘Moonraker’ first verse from one of the Bond themes.

So, why this ? Well, I’ve been doing a clearout of the house in preparation for the pending move. What ends up is a medium sized rubbish bag at the front of the driveway (awaiting collection). I joked the other day that people would be looking through it and taking things. Well tonight…

Drive up and I spot someone going through the bag (late 50’s carrying dog). Wait for a few seconds and then get out the car. I found it kind of amusing and was happy to have someone take something if it was of value. However…


What a Cambridge thing ! Rather than simply ask ‘would you mind if I had a look through’, this ****** (add expletive of choice) decides to critique a 4-gang extension that I have disposed of and ask why I threw it out ! Of course that triggered a nerve and I ended up having a go at him (great stress relief after a long 7AM-7PM day I can tell you), pointing out that I took exception to someone critiquing my decision to throw rubbish out.

I politely told him (well actually I didn’t) to get off my land. He then replies “I have long arms” and put his hand back into the bag to which I replied “and if you take anything I will call the police”.

I find the rudeness of people really bad around here. What made him think he had the right to critique what I had thrown out ?

How I long to live at the end of a private road and have absolutely nobody bother me – and it is with in sight !

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