Friday, April 19th, 2024

Beer Festival…


Trip into London tonight to go to the beer festival at Earls Court. It’s funny to go to a place that normally hosts shows like ‘homeshow’ but this time actually holding a large drinking festival. Had a good time out with friend from University and a couple of (great) people I’d met for the first time. I have to be thankful that it is so easy to get in/out of London from Cambridge.

London was really horrible weather-wise today. A typical muggy August day. I got into Waterloo station and sat in Starbucks finishing off some work I needed to send off before I clocked off. As I sat I felt as if I was going to pass out it was so humid. Days like this I am thankful that I don’t work in London (though of course there are many days when I wish I did!).

Classic quote of the night with people discussing mother-in-laws. Sometimes some people just come out with a phrase that out-trumps any possible comment. In this case, quote of the night being “well at least your mother-in-law doesn’t urinate on the carpet!”, we laughed !

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