Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Spoiled DInner


Dinner at Peking last night, twice this week (although once takeaway so doesn’t really count). As I walked in to the restaurant, I spotted a couple of young Cambridgeoids (my new name for Cambridge people I find irritating)- full dictionary definition to follow in a later post. In this case, it was the young couple, child (ca. 4 years), and the mother of one of them. Mother clearly had far too many package holidays in Spain (the sun really isn’t good for some people).

Dinner was fantastic (of course), but the atmosphere was ruined by the ‘oids. I hate people in restaurants who have to read the menu out to each other- maybe what’s needed is a talking book like young children have ? Of course we had the obligatory child running around creating havoc and noise, and the parents finding it amusing. I do find the way children in Cambridge behave to be very bizarre compared to proper cities like London where they are much better behaved and don’t run riot as they please.

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