Friday, April 19th, 2024

Dubai – First Impressions


So arrived at Dubai. Realised I was in the wrong immigration queue- due to the fact I was the only British person ! I guess it’s one really good thing about being British is that you don’t need visa’s for most places.

Hotel is superb. So far superb service from people (own butler). Clientele seems to be a mixture of British people and Russian models ! I reckon ranking of holiday destinations so far:

* Dubai – though very limited experience so reserve the right to drop it in the ranking
* Barbados – very relaxing but slow service and lousy food (unless you eat at the South Sea which my budget doesn’t stretch to every night)
* Thailand – best food I’ve had on a holiday by far
* Mauritius – best environment and designed hotel
* Egypt – best things to look at

Pics to follow (I’m shooting RAW and Aperture doesn’t run on my MacBook Air)…

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