Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Delayed flight


Stuck in the Virgin Lounge at San Francisco Airport. Flight is 4hrs delayed. Actually, I can’t moan too much as I think this is the first delay I’ve had on this leg (which I have on average done every 6 weeks for the past few years). I’m sitting near the bar looking at the selection on offer and contemplating the thought of trying some classic 1980’s middle class dinner party drinks – like Cinzano or Malibu.

Of course I got the airport (already in a bad mood) only to be told of the delay. The Virgin checkin staff at SFO are a very very mixed bag. It used to be a very constant set of staff, to the point where you got to know the people. However, over the past year or so they are a very mixed bag. I had an issue at checkin, with the lady in meltdown at the simplest of requests. Thankfully a supervisor on hand to help out.

Decided to head into the city for some lunch (Straits, not as good as the one on Santana Row). Stupidly I forgot to take my charger for the Mac out of my checked bag, so ended up having to go to the Apple store and buying one. I like the staff in the Apple Store downtown SFO – always really friendly and helpful (actually Apple bodes very well on the staffing front).

Just 3 more hours to kill…

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