Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Week in Review


Hectic Week
So I’ve finally decided that my day in the office starts at 7AM. I’ve been doing it for as long as I can remember now, but every night make the decision ‘must get into the office early tomorrow as lots to do’. I’ve given up- it’s official – work starts at 7AM. Sadly it doesn’t usually finish until around 7-8PM. I hope nobody from the EU is reading this as I’m sure I’m breaking the law.

Thursday & Friday in Loughborough
Work event. Of course, rather than going for the full 4 days and enjoying myself, I ended up going up on Thursday afternoon. Dinner/drinks on Thursday night and then 2 back-back talks (same ones) the following morning. Sitting two of the talk had a professional film crew filming me – yikes – I think I’ll pass from watching it. Highlight of the trip was going to reception to grab a cab to the train station to return back to Cambridge only to see the really good driver from the chauffeur company there, so managed to grab a ride back.

Friday Night
Friday night drinks after a busy week. All Bar One was very busy – good since it’s somewhere I enjoy and I would hate it to be a victim of the recession. Dinner at Yippee’s noodle bar (as the week was so full of food I felt bloated and had to have something light to eat). Of course I really would have preferred to have gone to Wagamama (which is just above All Bar One) – but given that it’s totally awful (people don’t know how to cook) had to walk to the other side of Cambridge instead. Got there and the guy wanted to put us (group of 4) at a really bad table near the kitchen. However, as usual I wasn’t bothered by that but the fact I spotted 2 middle aged Cambridge people sitting beside. I was pretty tired and couldn’t be bothered with niceties so told the guy “I don’t want to sit beside those people as they’ll be talking ****”- apparently he had a big grin on his face after that. As usual the service was good (mainly because it doesn’t have any of the natives involved).

Early start getting into London. Of course the train was packed (although being early there wasn’t the usual messing around with parking and ticket machines). I hate packed trains as you always end up having to sit near someone that irritates you. In this case, married elderly couple who had to discuss everything with each other about their day out into London (clearly not people who get out often).

Lunch at Royal China just beside Selfridges. For some reason they decided to put me in the group of white people with children – the waiter was taken aback when after a few minutes I asked him to put me away from children.

Houses, houses…
So the house move continues to crawl at a snails pace. Visited the site couple of times in the week out of hours to take a sneak peek. Wooden floors are in downstairs, tiles are down in the kitchen, wall that shouldn’t have been there has been removed. Back garden looks a mess – but they’ve agreed to replace the lawn if the seed doesn’t take soon. Received the kitchen plans, but been too busy to get around to reviewing them (but of course not busy enough to read how much extra money they want for the customisation work). It is nice dealing with someone who

Still waiting for the council to approve the planning application to enable someone who isn’t retired or disabled occupy a large multi-floor house (that clearly isn’t designed for retired or disabled people). I’ll stop writing any more about this for fear of jeopardising the application. Rest assured it would make very good blog fodder !

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