Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Saturday Frustration


PC ‘World’
Simple task – buy a 2.5″ SATA hard drive. Now you’d think you’d be able to get one of those from PC World Cambridge ? Wrong ! zero in stock (guess must be the same delivery company that supplies supermarkets). Of course loads of random nonsense hard drives like 80GB PATA ones (that I’m sure a computer in 2004 would have used). I did laugh at the shop assistants suggestion to use a 3.5″ one instead – yeh that would really fit into my docking station for my notebook.

Does anyone else think the Beehive centre (what a rubbish name for a start) is probably the worst shopping experience in the UK ? I ended up having to go there to Maplin in search of a hard drive. Of course it was late afternoon and the traffic was utter carnage. Well, let’s face it, you build a lower end supermarket and various random rubbish shops and have a single lane of traffic in/out- what do you really expect ? I must admit when I first lived in Cambridge I was asking where people bought beds and such like. People told me ‘go to the Beehive Centre’, the next day I said ‘okay, April fools over, where are the decent places ?’ – I was told that was one of them.

I’ve just had a quick internet search – they have a website ! I love the slogan ‘Spoilt for Choice’- I think the emphasis is definitely on ‘spoilt’ rather than ‘choice’. Love the shopping plan, now let me see, is ‘Vacant’ some new department store I just haven’t heard of ? Makes me think ‘Grand Arcade’ – ‘Arcade’ or ‘Grand’ ?

In all fairness things are a little better nowadays in Cambridge (though still pretty dire).

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