Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Grumpy II…


I try to come up with lots of different titles, but for some reason ‘grumpy’ is one that I see I have used before. I guess it’s been a long day. Things aren’t helped by my real lack of tolerance of people who don’t drive things, far too many open ended issues in life right now and it takes its toll I guess. The situation with the house covenant is taking its toll – mainly because I can’t control it (i.e. do my usual throwing money at a problem to solve it).

Good news on the food front, went to the local butchers in Fulbourn and bought some nice beef kebabs and marinated pork. Absolutely fantastic (not at all surprising). I guess I should be grateful for having such a great local service on my doorstep.

I’ve decided that this weekend (Bank Holiday) I’ll do some cake baking to relax. One of my friends’ dads (who has a stressful job with lots of travel) let me into the secret when I was about 20 that baking cakes was a great way to relax. I think it’s the fact that it takes your mind off of things focussing on other things, coupled with the quick sense of accomplishment.. Now what should I bake ??

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