Monday, May 27th, 2024

Friday (Night) In London


I had my medical – the good news is that I have to loose a little weight and have a little more exercise. Now let me think – I could have figured that out myself without work sponsoring a medical. Anyways, at least I know I am in fairly good health. Actually, the guy in the medical was really good – way way better than someone in Cambridge who would make me feel like a piece of unhealthy dirt (being Scottish, probably assuming I eat fried food and drank cheap scotch every night). Of course I realised this when I walked into the reception – full of ‘London’ people who are well socialised and know how to behave themselves.

The good piece of news is that the examiner indicated that drinking red wine was good for me.

Friday Night Drinks in London

Met one of my school friends for drinks in London later in the day (after a trip to Tottenham Court Road for Gadget Shopping).

Ended up in Camino near Kings Cross Station for some drinks. Of course I embraced the previous medical comment and had 4 large glasses of red wine. I really like decent bars in London. Mainly because people know how to behave themselves- for example decent behaviour at the bar, getting out your way when you’re trying to pass (locals in Cambridge don’t know how to do that), being friendly (e.g. holding the door). Very much different from Cambridge people who don’t know how to behave in socialised environment. Who says London people are cold – complete nonsense.

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