Tuesday, May 21st, 2024

Travelling Outside Cambridge…


Today I had to visit one of the company offices in the UK (Maidenhead). Thankfully with the improved transport system in the UK nowadays it is possible to get there at a reasonable time via public transport (albeit via 4 journeys). Anyways, door-door in just over 2 hours – with the added benefit of being able to catch up on e-mail during the journey.

During the wait for the train at Cambridge station, it occurred to me just how soul destroying a daily commute would be (even though I did it in the past for school and also University). I noticed people line up along the platform (I’m sure the same place) and I’m so glad I don’t have to do it nowadays (although the social aspect is nice). Managed to get a seat on the train (very unBritish way of getting onto the train by people I must say). Entry into central London was good also- remarkably quiet for rush hour.

Arrived in Maidenhead. It has that ambience/smell of London Commuter belt- difficult to quantify exactly, but feels strange (probably atmosphere and also quiet compared to London). Finally made it to the office (despite the map I had bein awful and also Maidenhead having no street signs).

At lunch I was again surprised by how friendly and efficient people are compared to Cambridge. People gave me directions this morning (nice). However, at lunch I was surprised with the service in Waitrose. No forks at the salad bar. Now, if that had been Cambridge they’d probably have said “sorry we are out”. However, the girl serving ran off and a few minutes later returned with a box that they’d normally have for sale (picnics) and apologised – how pragmatic (I had to pinch myself that I was in the UK!).

So far everything has gone well- I’m worried about the commute back !

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