Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Security Protected Food


The world has officially decided to go crazy. I recall speaking to someone who I had studied with a few years ago who told me that the last time she was up in Glasgow they had security tags on bottles of whisky. When she told me the area of Glasgow, I wasn’t too surprised. Also given the high value of bottles of Scotch, coupled by the fact that I’d be willing to bet that your average common thief likes a tipple, it didn’t surprise me.

However, it’s clear that not only does your average store thief like a glass (bottle?) of whisky, they also have a penchant for steak ! I was at a supermarket in Cambridge yesterday (not one I usually go to) and picked up the above package. The large pink sticker didn’t really register, until this morning when I opened the package (to cook Thai beef salad) only to realise that on the back of the sticker there was a large RF security tag ! A sad fact of society today – they have to put security tags on £2.13 packs of steak !
Reminds me of a funny scene I observed at a hotel reception in Israel. This German guy had come down with a pair of trousers and asked for assistance. He had one of the security tags you get on clothing (the huge 30cm wide things). He obviously had bought a new pair of trousers for his business trip, thrown them in the suitcase, only to discover on arrival in Tel Aviv that the security tag was still on ! I saw the smirk on the lady at reception’s face !!

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