Sunday, June 16th, 2024

No Smoking (read common sense)


I’ve never been a fan of smoking (save from when I’m very drunk where for some reason cigarettes and Gin & Tonic – two things I hate – seem to be a good idea to try). Therefore I am highly supportive of the ban on smoking in public places. Actually, being very against a devolved Scotland I am highly sceptical of anything the Scottish Executive does. However I give them full credit for what is easily the health initiative of this century – banning smoking in public places. It really boils down to consideration for other people – something few people actually have.

So, this morning I was waiting for the bus into work (being good and using public transport) and this guy was smoking at the (enclosed) bus stop. Even though it was outside he was puffing away- creating a horrible environment for all of us. It was Monday morning so I wasn’t in the mood to give him a hard time (besides, he looked mentally ill given his dress sense and what he was carrying). Do people actually need a ‘No Smoking’ sign in order to apply common sense.

Of course I’m now frustrated with myself for not saying anything (hence why I have wasted peoples’ time by writing this !).

I’ve never had an addiction so I can’t really imagine the craving you have for cigarettes. However, it really can’t be that bad can it ? I’ve been on trains before that have been halted due to someone smoking in the toilets and that really irritated me. Makes me think of the most bizarre times I’ve had on public transport:

  • Train stuck due to cow on the line
  • (Several times) delayed train due to someone threatening to throw themselves under it. Always makes for interesting times on a train in South East, where if you listen to the comments people make on their cellphones (frustrated calls to family), the conversation usually goes something like “Why can’t they just get on and do it, inconveniencing all these people is terribly rude !”
  • Had a large stone smash through the glass as I was sitting at the table.
  • Delayed trains due to points being cold (note to train operators: temperatures do reach freezing in the UK)
  • Delayed trains due to leaves on the line
  • Going to loo on a train, only to find two people already there – shooting drugs

The above lists sounds awful. However, I’ve also had some pleasant experiences on trains (albeit not in the UK). For example, packed Japan Shinkansen one Fridat night, bad mood, only to be greeted by young lady carrying a bucket of beers on ice bowing down….

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