Sunday, June 16th, 2024

House Selling, 8 bottles of wine, and a copy of GQ


House Selling

Not content with the status quo, the house is on the market again. The result – me being in a stinking mood at the thought of estate agents, people viewing the house, and having to be tidy.
House went on the market Monday, had 4 viewings tonight. 2 sets of people turned up early (irritating). Thankfully nobody said anything bad about the place – well at least not in English. Two sets of people spoke another language other than English – so likely they were saying something like “these Scottish people, they live in such a slum you know”.  Actually, the whole experience was much easier than I thought. One guy seemed most interested in the toilets – kind of bizarre but each to their own !
8 Bottles of Wine
Had a craving for cakes tonight (after pub for dinner), so decided to go to Co-Op and grab something (as well as bottle of wine). Well, the usual wine I had was on offer, so the Scottish in me decided to capitalise on the bargain and buy all the bottles they had. Of course I only had 2 hands, so walked up, put the bottle down and then made 2 further trips to get the remainder of the stock. The lady behind me looked in disgust – obviously thought I was an alcoholic. Inventory of purchases – 8 bottles of wine, pack of cakes, copy of GQ magazine (that’s a perfect weekend in for many single guys). Of course the usual problem with Co-Op not giving you carrier bags and having to purchase them. Oh, and of course like any Friday night under-agers were serving (I call them the clesrasil brigade) so had to wait for an adult to ring the goods through. You’d think that they’d have adults serving on a Friday night (though come to think of it, they are probably out enjoying themselves rather than stuck behind a till !).
The episode of buying booze reminded me of once when my parents were on holiday. A group of us went to Makro (Dutch cash and carry chain) and bought the entire inventory of Lowenbrau on special offer.
Hot Cross Buns
Am I the only person that hates these ? I must confess that I actually find the idea of crucifixion more appealing than eating a hot cross bun with butter. I love the fact that the supermarkets here sell them on ‘2 for 1’ offers – extra special value on religion !
Favourite Ad
Glad to see this add has come up again on TV – very simple message but very clever.. Of course I didn’t buy the product (but did the music on iTunes)….

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