Sunday, June 16th, 2024

Back to Work This Week


Well, I’ve been off work now for 4 weeks on sabbatical. It feels like 4 days ;). Back on Friday. I really can’t believe the time has passed so quickly. In some ways taking time off over Christmas was a good thing – being able to catch up with people who were all available, extended leave due to holidays in lieu. However, in other ways it feels like a long extended holiday (like being at school or University). Well, another 4 years before it happens again.
So, what have I managed to achieve ??
Didn’t fly long haul for 7 weeks, that’s a record for as long as I can remember. 
Started a blog, something I’ve been planning to do for sometime.
Visited Hamburg, visited my friend Arne (whom I hadn’t seen for over 10 years)- proved to him that I eat vegetables now. Had proper Steak with Bratkartoffeln, drank good quality beer, had a vodka/chilli shot (which I never want to try again). Discovered that Hamburg (like any other city) has a concentration of Starbucks.
Visited Scotland (Edinburgh, Glasgow), catching back up with family. On the journey up, amazed at the ability of National Express Trains to swap trains at Newcastle, but still arrive on time at Edinburgh. As usual lots of good food consumed (I still think black pudding is very underrated when mixed with other cooked meats such as pork/ chicken). Unusual for such a trip I managed to wake up every morning without a hangover. I put it down to switching over to Scotch & Soda / Red Wine. Caught up with several old friends from school and elsewhere. And… it didn’t rain once.
Spent a good chunk of time in London, including lunches at Fortnum and Mason (always good), good cakes (Ladurée, Paul), dinners (Duke of Wellington in Marylebone), drinks (that usual pub off New Bond Street), late night drinking (Electricity Showrooms, Shoreditch). Lots of random stuff (shopping, museums). 
Had people visit Cambridge, good to catch up with people and be a lot more relaxed.
Sorted lots of IT stuff out, including ripping all of my DVDs (and creating a batch for watching on all those trips likely to happen in the future). Sorted out my iTunes library on my MacBook Pro (didn’t upgrade the hard drive as I had planned). 
Made a start on rating my music on iTunes, something that’s long overdue. Of course some would say that there would be no ‘stars’ in my library at all !
Finally sorted photo library on Aperture, Did my first one2one at the Apple Store where the guy explained to me in 5 minutes what I’d been trying to read up on for ages.
Cooked lots of dinners, I’m sure far too much red meat has been consumed.
Washed the car twice, 2 more times than I normally do.
Tidied the house (multiple times), I think I could get used to sitting at home.

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