Saturday, July 20th, 2024

Decided to go into Cambridge today to get some air and out my 1 mile radius of work/home with the purpose of trying to take my mind off things. I’ve never felt so ill- a mixture of cold, stress, and sore stomach. Well I did get out, but going into town at peak time and […]

Okay, I think I must win a prize for the sadest person in the world right now. I fired up Safari and for some reason ‘buses’ appeared in my head. I’ve just spent the last 15mins surfing looking at buses for sale (including ones that I rode in as a child). Thankfully my garage, nor […]

I log on to BBC News this morning and the headline news article is “Five Chilean miners ‘depressed’”. The story goes on to tell how a group of miners who have been stuck in a collapsed mineshaft are suffering depressing. Is that really a surprise and worthy of the headline ? I think it shows […]

Actually, the winning joke I didn’t find funny. But some of the others are. You can find the source here.

No, I wasn’t at Waitrose and people got out of my way trying to buy things. In this case, there’s a fly in the room that seems to have almost radar vision to prevent me from swatting it. Now if only everything in Cambridge could get out my way so quickly, life would be less […]

Ask any person what they imagine a garden in Oxford or Cambridge to be like and they’ll probably picture a well maintained lawn, a few choice shrubs. However, the reality is somewhat different in Cambridge as I’ve blogged before. However, I found recently that it isn’t limited to Cambridge- Oxford has the same problem. In […]

Watching a TV program a few weeks back, it made a reference to a book called “The Sloan Rangers Handbook”. I tracked down a copy (on eBay), just spent a few minutes browsing through it. Come across a section on Universities and guides for the local town. Laughed out loud when I came to Cambridge, […]

Sometimes you feel happy to carry a camera around. I had to give a wedding speech on Tuesday. I decided to use the computer (and a 3M Pico Projector I’d bought especially for the occasion). I wanted to use images, but had to either use stock photo’s or re-create scenes as historically I wasn’t able […]

Spotted this whilst having a drink at a bar in town. Made me chuckle. I can just imagine a ‘Burlesque Night’ Cambridge style. No, not some ravishing blonde or brunette, likely either a cross-dresser or a 50-year old with grey hair who’s had a few too many Tesco ready meals !

Walking past the alcohol area in Waitrose today, I was shocked when I discovered this: I normally associate ‘Special Brew’ with a drunk person in the street, so I had a good chuckle at this being positioned right besides fine wines. Still, it is Cambridge !